ANSER Power Systems can help you with the installation of your solar power projects. Solar is an effective way to generate clean, renewable energy. The decreasing costs of the solar panels in combination with the increasing efficiency of the panels is making installing solar system an economic decision as well as just an environmental one. With the increasing return on investment from better performing solar systems, the payback period on installing solar is becoming less and less each year. Let’s take the next steps together in making the world more sustainable and contact our office to begin designing your solar power system.

Our professionals will take you from start to finish by:

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    Identifying your power needs

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    Purchase the necessary material from trusted suppliers

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    Coordination with BC hydro for permits and net zero metering

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    Installation of the system

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    Training for you on the net monitoring system


Living in Canada, we are fortunate enough to have most of our power generated cleanly by hydroelectric dams. As a part of the effort to become more environmentally conscious, many individuals and families have invested into electric vehicles. Naturally, as the popularity of electric vehicles rises, as does the need for electric vehicle chargers.

EV chargers can be installed in your own home but are also commonly found in workplaces and at many public services, such as universities or supermarkets. Whether you are looking to have an EV charger installed in your garage or you are looking to provide the service for your employees or customers, contact ANSER. We will be there for you through the full process, from the site inspection to the purchase and installation of the unit itself.

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