ANSER Power Systems has completed electrical wiring for numerous construction projects and we have extensive experience working with many industries including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural. Centrally located in Abbotsford, BC, our electricians cover construction projects throughout the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland, but we have also had the pleasure of being invited to complete projects in the BC interior, BC North, and Vancouver Island. We specialize in custom electrical projects and we are aware of the importance of being adaptable to the sometimes unforeseen changes during many construction projects.

We have the capability to handle any size of project, utilizing our extensive fleet of well-equipped vehicles and our capable crew of certified electricians. We have earned the trust of many customers by being committed to their project and vision. ANSER will guide you through your new electrical construction projects and deliver a result you can be proud of.

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Whether you have just acquired a building with outdated electrical systems, or you are a tenant who wants to complete leasehold improvements, or if you simply need more power, consider ANSER for your renovations and upgrades.

Many older buildings can have outdated electrical systems which can be hazardous and can create liability issues. Outdated and poorly maintained electrical systems can cause short circuits, fault currents, equipment failure, and fire if not properly inspected and maintained. Remove the safety concern and experience peace of mind by having your electrical system inspected by our qualified team. We will recommend solutions to bring your electrical system up to Code. If you have concerns about the safety of your electrical system, ANSER can provide recommendations for improvements and perform all necessary upgrades.

Let ANSER assist you reduce your energy footprint and consumption by upgrading your building’s lighting system to high efficiency LED lighting. The luminescence in LED products increases the brightness in your workplace and studies have shown better lighting can improve workplace efficiency. With our electrical experience and long-term relationships with top suppliers, we can supply and install new lighting in your home or business.

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With the introduction of the internet and globalization, business moves faster than it ever did before. Your business cannot afford to be interrupted with power outages and equipment faults. All the equipment that keeps us connected in business run on power and without it, it can expose you to delays in operations. Where this lost time means unfilled orders, unmet schedules, and unhappy customers, the need for efficient electrical service becomes crucially evident.

ANSER provides industrial electricians who will perform maintenance to help reduce the chances of equipment faults and provide emergency service when the unexpected does happen. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week our electricians are there for you.

If you are looking to add new equipment, lights, or other electrical devices you may need to consider an upgrade to your electrical service. ANSER Power Systems are here to make that upgrade for you.

With one call, ANSER will be there perform maintenance on your electrical systems. If you would like to reduce the chances of equipment faults, consult with ANSER today.


Anser Power Systems is specialized in installing automated and environmental control systems. Whether a Fancom, Chore-time, SKOV, Horizon, Maximus, Phason, or Canarm Controller, ANSER has the experience to incorporate the controller of your choice into your poultry, hog, or dairy barn and build a complete climate control system that is reliable and dependable.

ANSER has also become a proven leader in the horticulture industry, having completed many large scale design build greenhouse projects. We are familiar with Argus and Priva Control Systems and we can provide any additional automation required to integrate irrigation, material handling, or process control systems.

ANSER Power Systems has assisted many customers in improving their businesses by utilizing programmable logic controllers (PLC) to increase reliability, efficiency, functionality, and flexibility of their material handling, process control, and safety systems.


If you are looking for a licensed and insured electrical contractor to help you install any electrical system, ANSER can help you. ANSER Power Systems specializes in installing and commissioning generators and transfer switches. Our electricians can assist you in determining the correct generator size required for your home or business. Our electricians have a broad range of hands-on experience installing residential and commercial generators all over BC.

Are you looking to install solar or an EV Charger in your home or business? ANSER Power Systems can help you with the implementation of your green projects. Renewable solutions are becoming more cost effective every year. The advantages of implementing these green systems are not only environmental, but also economical. Let us make the process of implementing your green energy solution a smooth one, please visit our renewable energy page for more information.

ANSER Power Systems can assist you with the procurement and installation of fire alarm systems and emergency exit lighting. Fire suppression systems are dependent on occupancy levels of your operation; therefore, you may need to make additions to your business’ safety measures. Professionalism and attention to detail are a must with such vital pieces of equipment.

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