Troubleshoot – Our certified generator technicians are equipped and knowledgeable to diagnose problems with your generator. Through a series of procedures and testing, the generator technicians will be able to isolate the problem, recommend solutions, and repair the equipment in a timely manner.

Repair – Our technicians are well versed in a wide range of generator makes and models giving them the ability to diagnose most issues and make a prompt repair. Whether your generator is on site or brought into our location, we can service and make repairs to your generator effectively. Our fleet of fully equipped service vehicles allow us to offer our customers a mobile solution, where our technicians are able to come to you when you need us.

Parts – If you’re looking for a specific part to service or repair your generator, we have many readily available at our facility. Through our wide range of contacts in the generator industry and excellent supplier relations we are often able to source those less common pieces.

24 Hour Emergency Service – Like any mechanical engine, generators too can have unexpected problems. You can have peace of mind knowing ANSER provides 24-hour emergency service to be there when you need us. Our fleet of service vehicles is always equipped and ready to be dispatched.


A Generator is a vital piece of equipment. During a power outage it can ensure your lights and appliances continue to work in your home, your ventilation fans in your barn keep running, your business equipment remains operational, and emergency and life safety equipment is powered. We offer customizable service plans compliant with CSA-282 requirements to ensure your generator runs at peak performance. Service agreements are available monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually depending on the needs of your equipment. To extend the life of your Generator, consult with ANSER to guarantee your unit is serviced on a regular basis.

ANSER recommends some additional services for preventative maintenance. Load testing evaluates the performance of a generator set under load. To keep an eye on what is happening within the engine; coolant and oil sampling. Fuel treatment services including fuel polishing and additives is also available. We complete this type of preventative maintenance to keep your generator performing at peak output. Regular maintenance is a cost-effective way to get longevity of service from your Generator.

If you would like simplicity in your power generation project, consult with ANSER today.


ANSER Power Systems is well equipped with a variety of towable generators ranging from 10 kW to 200 kW. We offer very competitive pricing and there are delivery services available. Rental durations are available daily, weekly, and monthly.

ANSER Power Systems offers generators which can be utilized in many different industries including agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential. We have power solutions for planned or unplanned power outages and shutdowns.

Our generators are easy to use, and we provide training on how to operate the machine. If you do however have any questions, our technicians are available 24/7 for support for your rental generator needs.

We offer generators for all sorts of projects or situations such as:

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Events and weddings

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Small and large construction projects


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Major repairs

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Unexpected power outages


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If you’re looking for a more permanent power solution or upgrading your current generator set, we can help you. ANSER Power Systems has a technical sales team branded under Prima Power Systems. Our technical sales team come from an electrical background which provides a better understanding in identifying your standby or prime power needs.

We carry multiple brands including Blue Star, Cummins, Doosan, Kholer, and Winco. Our technical sales team has earned the trust of many customers through providing impartial recommendations to find the product which works best for them. Allow us to find the best product for you.

Our sales team is well positioned in the used generator market giving us the ability to also source preowned generators for your power needs.

If you would like to browse our new or used generators, please visit Prima Power Systems website below.

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ANSER Power Systems provides turnkey solutions for the installation of generator packages. We take you through all stages of the project including:

Design – In the design phase ANSER can provide load calculations for sizing of your generator, determine optimal generator and transfer switch locations, and handle local permits and code compliance to ensure safe installation.

Electrical – During the electrical stage, ANSER will supply and install electrical connections, including the generator and transfer switch, and provide options for remote monitoring and control.

Mechanical – For the mechanical phase, ANSER will complete the natural gas or propane fitting or diesel fuel tank connection, exhaust work, supply and install air intake and exhaust louvres.

Civil – ANSER will complete trench work, backfilling, paving or concrete, and bollards.

Warranty – As a full-service dealer for many brands, we register and handle manufacturers warranties on new generator purchases.

For simplicity in your power generation project, consult with ANSER today.

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