We had a call from a customer who said they needed a new generator but wanted a 2nd opinion.  Marty and Harold went to see them on-site.

Project: West 12th Vancouver BC

Problem: Generator will not run

Diagnosis: Rodents had found a new home inside the enclosure of the generator.  Fuel Tank showing signs of weakness with potential to begin leaking diesel fuel into landscaping

Prognosis:  Remove generator from site.  Repair Rodent damage,  Install steel mesh to prevent rodent entry, complete servicing of generator, Build and Install new sub base fuel tank. Repair Roof on enclosure Full testing on site.

Result:  Customer is 100% satisfied with the Refurbished Generator Set and Fuel Tank.  This client saved over $40,000.00  by repairing  this unit as opposed to installing a new generator.

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